Conference & Activities

The Summit Forum
China International Software and Information Service Forum and Entrepreneurs' Summit 2017

The Trends Forums
Include Software and Information Policy and Trend Forum, China International Software and Information Service Outsourcing Forum, Big Data Forum,Cloud Computing Forum, Smart City Forum, etc.

Application Forums
Include IT Application Forums in vertical sectors: finance, logistics, aviation,healthcare, power, etc.IT Application Forums are designed for CIO, CTO, CMO, and management executives, and showcase the latest vertical applications, solutions, products and services.

Technology Forums
Include Big Data Application Forum, Smart City Construction Forum, E-Commerce Summit, Mobile Internet Summit, etc.Technology Forums are to help IT engineers and professionals to look further into latest technology, services, and solutions in big data, cloud computing, internet of things, e-commerce, mobile internet, etc.

Business Events
Include global and regional trade meeting, 1000-Buyer Group, local industry tour, and Biz Gala Dinner. The Business Events are designed to provide customized spaces for those global venders and buyers to discuss international collaboration, trade, purchasing, etc.